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Chemical Plant Lockout/Tagout

Multinational Chemical Producer

Procedure-Based Scenario Practice

Safety lapses in essential lockout/tagout procedures resulted in a series of critical injuries in the field. Mosaic reviewed and observed each phase of training and validated that documented best practices were taught correctly. However, the assessment process utilized old and highly subjective methodologies that left significant gaps in the organization’s ability to verify each individual’s capacity to apply knowledge gained through training.

Utilizing Mosaic’s advanced online gaming and virtual reality simulation platform, our specialists developed a 3D environment replicating a common chemical plant and operations facility. Procedure-based scenarios include nearly 8,000 integrated data points capable of being tracked as participants complete four key process phases. Once completed, each participant meets with an instructor or mentor to review results and discuss procedural gaps or performance issues.

Objective Verification of Knowledge & Skills

Digitizing the assessment process enabled leadership to evaluate each field worker’s understanding of the lockout/tagout procedures and their ability to apply this knowledge safely and accurately.

Objective assessment outcomes are tracked based on data captured from various designated decision and performance activities, including:

  • Understanding of work order requirements
  • Proximity to relevant equipment during initial inspections
  • Step-by-step monitoring of procedural decisions and actions
  • Awareness and application of established best practices
  • Time to complete designated tasks and level of accuracy
  • Inconsistencies among individuals and plant locations