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Storm Response

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Practicing Safely in a Virtual Danger Zone

Keeping employees safe is a top priority, but training them on safety standards and protocols without exposing them to dangerous situations can be challenging. Virtual reality offers a solution.

Using an immersive virtual environment that replicates real work sites, employees can practice examining protective equipment, identifying hazards, and following safety protocols in a zero-risk context. They can detect mistakes and misunderstandings to improve safety and work site success.

Customized Contexts and Scenarios

Individual data is collected to identify areas for reinforcement and pinpoint where employees need to improve. The virtual experience can be facilitated as a group or self-guided, with customizable scenarios that can be tailored to provide a unique experience for each user. With customization options like weather conditions, equipment variations, customer or animal presence, hazard locations, and object placement, employees can be thoroughly prepared for safe storm response.