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Inside Gas Leak Investigation

Combined Utility

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Addressing Distance Challenges

To train new gas technicians in Inside Leak Investigation procedures, a large utility with a dispersed workforce needed a realistic and safe location that could serve four states and 168,000 square miles. A traditional training yard or gas city was not feasible.

To address this challenge, the utility collaborated with subject-matter experts and business leaders to develop a virtual reality training program. The program allows new technicians to interact with customers, practice detecting leaks on various appliances, and learn the utility’s specific procedures from start to finish.

A Portable and Immersive Solution

Technicians use a CGI gas leak detector to explore multiple addresses in the virtual neighborhood, encountering various customer interactions, interiors, appliances, and leak locations. An assessment tool tracks their decision-making and the sequence of steps they take, enabling the utility to evaluate different proficiency levels and identify knowledge gaps.

This portable and immersive virtual reality training enables instructors to travel across the four-state service area while allowing trainees to gain real-world experience and practice their skills in a safe and controlled environment.