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Jetway Pushback & Docking

Leading U.S. Low-Fare Airline Carrier

A Diverse Mix of Immersive Procedure Scenarios

Leaders for this leading provider of low-fare flights throughout the United States and Latin America identified a significant gap in their ability to allow jetway employees to practice real-world scenarios while certifying their ability to apply critical pushback and docking procedures due to the safety and cost concerns related to using actual equipment and facilities for training.

Utilizing Mosaic’s advanced online gaming and augmented/virtual reality platform, we worked closely with learning leaders and subject-matter experts to create a series of immersive simulation experiences aligned to each phase of the docking procedure. Our platform’s administration capabilities allow facilitators to rapidly create a variety of randomized simulation scenarios with varying activities and climate situations and deliver the training through any form of VR headset and controller technologies.

Robust Simulation Administration and Data Reporting

Mosaic’s advanced experiential and immersive platform capabilities include a robust web-based administration portal that allows designers to rapidly and cost-effectively create highly interactive simulation scenarios based on the knowledge and experiences provided by our client’s experienced subject-matter experts.

The portal also provides administrators with direct and secure access to reporting and dashboards reflecting the extensive and granularly detailed data captured during each participant’s experiences for tracking and in-depth performance analysis (e.g., activity timestamping, performance accuracy, decision processes, and even GPS measurements to evaluate proximity to equipment).